Our Services

We offer the following services:

  1. Business Management

    The activity of management consultants consists in:

    • Analysis of business organisations, the development of solutions vis-à-vis the market,
    • advice on matters relating to the establishment of companies, the closure of companies and the transfer of businesses, the formation of companies or other legal entities,
    • recovery and insolvency advice,
    • functioning as a director or manager of a company, a partner in a partnership or holding a comparable position vis-à-vis other legal persons or laying the ground for another person to perform the aforementioned functions,
    • Providing a registered office-, business-, administrative- or postal address (virtual office) and other related services to a company, partnership or other legal arrangements,
    • acting as trustee of a trust or similar legal arrangement or laying the ground for another person to perform the foregoing functions,- acting as nominal shareholder for another person, in a business structure that is not listed on a regulated market which is subject to disclosure requirements under Community law or equivalent international standards, or laying the ground  for another person to perform the foregoing functions.
  1. Certified Management Accountant 

    We take over the keeping of the accounting (double-entry accounting, income-expenditure accounting), the income-expenditure statement, the balance sheet or the keeping of the asset register for you. We prepare tax returns and advance VAT returns (UVA) for you.

    The annual financial statements are prepared by the firm of Mag. Robert Chavat in the context of our ongoing cooperation with him.

  1. Payroll accounting

    We also look after your payroll accounting needs. We take care of the registration and deregistration of your employees with the Austrian Health Insurance (ÖGK) and Bauarbeiter-Urlaubs- und Abfertigungs-Kasse BUAK. We prepare the pay slips for your employees and send the annual pay slip to the responsible tax office. Your payment journal is also prepared by us. We also take over the maintenance of your employees' personnel files for you and support you in issuing job references and work confirmations.

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